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1 Indie Nation

Nov 2, 2007

tracklist gravity's rainbow (van she remix)- klaxons pogo - digitalism banquet (boys noize remix) - bloc party shadows- (ajax remix) -midnite juggernauts i wish - babyshambles we are your friends - justice vs simian automatic -(raufasts dark disco mix) dead disco lonely by ur side feat johnny blake- azzido da bass poor innocent boys - the cazuals i get around - dragonette shouts da bee, mac os ken, ben, bendrix, dario, drew, tron v, j laine, dj js1, ticklah, sean taber, boo williams, master kev, sal, theory, tino, tego, dj sun, joe hay. If you enjoy this podcast: 1. Let me know, you can find me on Myspace at 2. Let others know, leave your comments on the iTunes music store! 3. Donate via Paypal to help me keep this Podcast going. Thanks to everyone who continues to support the 1 Indie Nation Podcast! Your support makes this podcast possible!