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1 Indie Nation

Jan 21, 2012

Big Up, Big UP!!! Did someone say Bumbaklot? YEAH! Move ya bumbaklot!!  Hope your year is starting out right. Well atleast you have some tunes to shift through before our internet goes to c3ns0rship shit!

Reggae mix recorded live at Soundation in Los Angeles.

Dub, Dancehall, Roots, Culture.

First up: J Rocc

Jan 1, 2012

Drop the cannon! Happy New Year!!!!!! 2012 //kiss.kiss ♡✫

Okay, so fuck the intro my shit crashed a few times tonight. No one cares, what bullshit I say here, just skip through, find the song you like. Hell, skip through my voice at the beginning. Life is short. Also that way you can't hear how crappy my USB travel...