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May 12, 2011

Say it a few times with me... Sex, Love & Honey. Sex, Love & Honey. Sex, Love & Honey. Sex, Love & Honey. Now, you feeling alright? I hope so ;) I compiled some songs I have been feeling over the last few weeks and they are on the Alternative, Electronic, Dub, House tip.

I hope you enjoy this selection of songs as I slaved away most of my night recording this cast due to complications of me being a twathead and a couple phone calls and yes, the ultimate distraction... the internet. Sometimes I really do hate it... but then turn the cheek and go on again clicking things I didn't know could be clicked ... hey hey now. Watch yourself ;)

  1. Being Bad Feels Pretty Good - Does It Offend You, Yeah?
  2. Declaration of War - Hadouken
  3. Somebody, Somewhere (Lifelike Dub) - Cazals
  4. Beautiful Life - Gui Boratto
  5. Safari Disco Club - Yelle
  6. Anywhere (Compuphonic Kolombo Remix) - The Presets
  7. Ocean (Jacksonville Remix) - 2020 Soundsystem
  8. Tonight's Today - Jack Penate
  9. Happy Birthday - Modeselektor
  10. All I ask of You - Skrillex & Penny
  11. Always More - autoKratz
  12. POGO (Vanguard Piano Remix) - Digitalism
  13. Not in Love (Ft. Robert Smith) - Crystal Castles
  14. One Bright Night (Scuba's Broken Window Dub) - Way out West
  15. Dressed to Digress (Nero Remix) - Boy Crisis
  16. Red Lights - Delphic
  17. Hearts on Fire - Cut Copy
  18. Be the One - Jack Penate
  19. Love is Noice - The Verve
  20. Too Fake - Hockey
  21. I Ain't Saying My Goodbye's - Tom Vek

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