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1 Indie Nation

Nov 8, 2016

Greetings Love Bunnies! Thank you for tuning into the wonderful world of the 1 Indie Nation Podcast! Today is election day here in the US of A. Hope you got a chance to VOTE! I did! Bright and early! Cast in my ballot. I am a proud American. :) Here is a mix by Oakland DJ the Big LA aka Todd Kelley. It is full of instrumentals, experimental hip hop and breaks. Enjoy.


Dutchmassive – Lamb's Bread Aflo –a da gethit JA:KOVA – Oanz4karl LoopMaffia – Levitate Pete Range - April's Promise Jünger – parking lot ecosystem ηoM∩D – Ely Doesn't Lie Galimatias - Dahlia Petals Dysflow x Öster – Black Hole BKND – Alluring Lines Bonucci – itsu (pt. i & ii) foisey. – {Ayo}Eskoo.Me,Miss Freddy Finger – Cosmic Nite Jack Vogt – Noface Fate. – Bloom DOC Mastermind – L.I.F.E (LoveIsFakE) Doris & Kelly – You Don't Have To Worry (Guts Remix) dtunez – e.tunez Madbliss – Lust aso - Golden as Honey Jeremy Ian Thomas – SonSet Big La vs. Todd – N2U

Visit The Big LA aka Todd Kelley at his website;

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