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Nov 3, 2021

Greetings fall bouncy bunnies! Here is a hip hop, soul, rnb, chill, downtempo mix by DJ Sloe Poke // LA. @djsloepoke 

No tracklisting. 

PLAY ROYAL MATCH app and get broke playing the game. LOL. its fun tho. 

Wake up in the morning and do something good for you. take that time to do self care. Good for your health, mind, body and soul. Sometimes it just cleaning up your room and lighting candles to clear the vibes. So you can work or relax in peace. Clutter is not good. Time to clean out those closets and drawers of stuff you don't use anymore. I know I am ready to get rid of stuff. It's way over due.

Peace and love, 

Rachael Depp xoxo

Venmo @rachaeldepp