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1 Indie Nation

Dec 28, 2020

Greetings Holiday bunnies! Better late than never!... Everyday is a holiday with you! And my saying.. Everyday is a celebration. Love you all so much. I missed recording and making mixes. Sorry this one was thrown together so quickly but I wanted to get it out there into the interwebs, pronto! :) It is a mix of synthwave, metal electronica and electro house beats. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and Christmas with your loved ones and or pets. Or hey me! Let me know if you listened to an old xmas show of mine. LOL. Email me with your submissions at 1indienation at gmail dot com. I'd love to play your music. You can also send any donations to the show to my venmo @rachaeldepp or cashapp $rachaeldepp I also take paypal :P Ok. Ok. I know its a shot in the dark. But hey you never know. :)) I'm working on the next show soon. Love you bunnies so much. You make me happy.

Love and kisses,
Rachael Depp xo

@rachael -twitter

@1indienation - Instagram