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Dec 4, 2019

Greetings Love bunnies! Winter is among us! Yay! Where is my cuddle bunny?! ;) I dropped my mic. In the closet so I think I might need to get a new one. I noticed it sounded it a bit off on playback. My bad. It is old and now poor thing is on its last limb. So if you think it's your headphones acting up it's prolly just my mic. Here is a funk, dance and oldskool mix by DJ Excel. Philly, LA. @djexcel on instagram and twitter. There is no tracklisting!

If you would like to venmo me a gift for my birthday that would be awesome! @rachaeldepp or even just subscribing to the show or letting someone you know ... know about it. Share the wealth! Download the app in the app store.

Merry Christmas bunnies! I love you all so dearly. Hope the holidays are truly magical to each and every one of you. xo

Keep the dream alive. Everyday is a Celebration.

Love Always, Rachael Depp