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1 Indie Nation

Aug 24, 2015

Greetings! Hello all of you strange bunnies! This mix has no tracklisting but that is ok, for now. I can provide one if requested. But most likely - don't ask. Do some research. :P JK.

This episode was mixed by DJ CEE ELASAAD from Morocco. Enjoy the dance music.

APPS I didn't talk about on the show but have downloaded recently are,

1. Card Trader 2. blab beta 3. GV Phone 4. QR Reader 5. Salesforce1 6. Ghost Lens and 7. Candy Crush (again). Download Ghost lens for crazy photo effects.  Halloween is approaching. :)

Have a good time until next time we meet, chat or email.

Contact me via Twitter: @rachael

Instagram: 1indienation

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There are also apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Cheers to the rest of this sweltering heat! HYDRATE is the word of the summer or year for me. Thanks for listening, cute bunnies! And I am so happy that the Pandas are born. :)


Rachael <3