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Nov 17, 2014

Greetings love bunnies! Hope you are having a fabulous fall! I am loving the cooler weather here in Los Angeles! Such a great break from the heat!! I have for you a dope guest DJ - the BIG LA (Oakland, CA). He has been beat making for 20+ years. This mix is experimental hip hop and experimental beats. Lots of goodies and treats. Sorry for the long, long hiatus! This mix is worth the wait! Check him out on and

01. Fast Life – Everydayz
02. Chief - Count In
03. JHAS - Harpeggio
04. Off Beat Kid –  Glow
05. Lokid – infamous
06. Nefarious! - SevenThrees
07. Phraim – Moor-A-Like
08. Obsidian Blue - Solo Flight
09. Tall Black Guy – Bang ‘Em
10. 9th Wonder – Action Sequence
11. Chocalope - Clunk
12. Bun + Fumitake Tamura – Angels
13. Sun Moon – ????
14. Dutchy!  – The Tame
15. Dutchy!  – Como El Hielo
16. Conehead – Vibration Pt.2
17. Capella – Snow Plutonium
Comet Landing, Kim's baby oiled ass, Ebola, Being Catfished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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