Greetings! How are you my summer time bunnies! Love this weather. June Gloom is my bag baby! lol. I have an amazing mix for you by DJ DAT PALMTREE // Paris, France.

DATPALMTREE 🌴 draws his inspiration from Ethnic, African, Tribal and exotic vibes but above all from the tones of Moroccan culture, his country of origin, by renewing the magic of traditional voices and instruments. The thrilling sounds of DATPALMTREE will take you on a journey through unique sounds and rhythms tinged with deep and tech house creating positive vibrations against the backdrop of melodic stories.

After Marrakech and Montreal, DATPALMTREE is emerging on the Parisian tech scene. Also a producer, DATPALMTREE composes sounds with his musical inspirations, the result of several years of travelling from Tulum, Essaouira through Reunion Island and Mauritius. More to come...

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Love you xo

Rachael Depp

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