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1 Indie Nation

Jun 8, 2018

Greetings summer bunnies! Here is a Deep House mix by guest DJ Elliot Sunn from New York City. I hope this mix finds you in good health and wealth. If you are feeling lonely or helpless know that you can always count on me by listening to mixes or message me if you would like to chat privately. DM me on instagram or Twitter for more details. I am here for you always my bunnies.

Track list:
1) Alex Agore - Bounce (Original Mix)
2) Deepconsoul - Beating Heart
3) Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel - Pasilda (ft. Angie Rincon)
4) Dave Mayer - Universal Language
5) Turbojazz - T.S.O.S. (The Same Old Shiet)
6) Soledrifter - I Can Heal (Intr0Beatz Remix)
7) Bonetti - Love Affair
8) Roberto Rodriguez - Look Straight In The Eye
9) Deepconsoul & Soul Vista - A Touch Of Jazz
10) Felipe Gordon - Acid Party At Teusaquillo
11) Timmy P - Moobie Storm Chasers

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Love you xoxo
Rachael <3