Greetings summer bunnies! Here is a Deep House mix by guest DJ Elliot Sunn from New York City. I hope this mix finds you in good health and wealth. If you are feeling lonely or helpless know that you can always count on me by listening to mixes or message me if you would like to chat privately. DM me on instagram or Twitter for more details. I am here for you always my bunnies.

Track list:
1) Alex Agore - Bounce (Original Mix)
2) Deepconsoul - Beating Heart
3) Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel - Pasilda (ft. Angie Rincon)
4) Dave Mayer - Universal Language
5) Turbojazz - T.S.O.S. (The Same Old Shiet)
6) Soledrifter - I Can Heal (Intr0Beatz Remix)
7) Bonetti - Love Affair
8) Roberto Rodriguez - Look Straight In The Eye
9) Deepconsoul & Soul Vista - A Touch Of Jazz
10) Felipe Gordon - Acid Party At Teusaquillo
11) Timmy P - Moobie Storm Chasers

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Greetings Love Bunnies! I am pleased to share with you this mix of r&B, soul, electronic chill, with some hip hop. This mix was done by @KDFA. Find him on Twitter and Instagram with that handle.

There is no tracklisting at the moment. Sorry bunnies.

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Greetings love bunnies! Here is a Progressive House, Trance and Downtempo mix from @Barnstormed on Twitter.



Nora En Pure - Tears In Your Eyes

Mees Salomé - Ya Amar (Original Mix)

Vladimir Cauchemar - Aulos

Röyksopp & Robyn - Do It Again (Moullinex Remix)

George Fitzgerald - Burns

Kidnap - Aurora

Tali Muss, Esphyr - Rain (Jody Wisternoff Remix)

BICEP - Opal (Four Tet remix)

Virtual Self - Ghost Voices

Loud Luxury - Show Me ft. Nikkis Wives   



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Greetings lover bunnies! Sorry for the hiatus. I have been busy with the holidays and no personal space to record! My bad. I am glad you are still with me! I love recording, even when I am sick! I have a little bit of a cough and my voice isn't the best. So bare with me. This episode 100 is DEEP HOUSE mix by DJ DAZ // LA.

No tracklisting! Just enjoy the tunes.

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Greetings bouncy, love bunnies! Time for me to ramble and play some good tunes submitted by Independent Artists around the globe. If you would like to submit your track(s) to the 1indienation Podcast please email me at 1indienation at gmail dot com. I will take it into careful consideration!

The Dodgers won the last two games! I am beyond over the moon. I hope you know I love baseball! YAS!

Anyways getting back to the music. I play a mix of indie, rock and reggae.


1. A Thousand Times - Orange Soul

2. The Haze - Orange Soul

3. Love Close by - Digital by Birth

4. Christof - Yeti Tactics

5. Fear Machine - Digital by Birth

6. The Light - Common Kings

Orange Soul are Henry and John Tydeman, a Brighton-based duo. Despite their youth, the brothers have developed an intriguing, mature sound, which blends 1970s soulfulness with eerie vocal harmonies. Critics praised both the “haunting, ghostly nature” and the “undeniable charm” of their self-titled debut EP (Jan '17), which has also received support from BBC Introducing.
Their new single, 'The Haze', written about John’s experience going in and out of hospital whilst undergoing a gruelling tonsillectomy, was released in July of this year, and has already been praised by Louder Than War magazine, and featured on US and Australian radio stations. 

Here are links to 'The Haze' on iTunes/Spotify -
The Haze: 
Digital By Birth Facebook Page
Yeti Tactics
@jshermmusic instagram
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Greetings bunnies! Summer is almost over! For me at least! Bring on the pumpkin spice everything! Yes, I can be that basic. I will tell you what isn't basic, is this mix! Deep house soulful tribal what have you house music mix from DJ Bobby Sauce / LA. There is no tracklisting for this amazing 2 hour mix. Lots of goodies and treats. You will enjoy if you are a true househead. I know I did. Please support the house community and check him out at one or five of his dj events/gigs. He djs around LA lots. Be sure to follow him on instagram for the latest info on where he will be next.
Dj & dance events:
To'gether, Redrose/Blurose/Greenrose, Tribal Soul, (BRIGHT PEOPLE)


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Greetings love bunnies! How are you? I hope you are doing fine and dandy. Stay hydrated and out of the sun or use sunscreen. This heat is unbearable! I need to move to the North Pole with Santa! I already look like Mrs. Claus. ;) Anyhoo. This is a celebration mix! It's the 10th Year Anniversary Special! I made this playlist so I hope my lovely bunny listeners enjoy it. It's all for you. I kinda tried to mix it up a bit. So it's not all one flavor of kool-aid. You know what I mean. This post is unofficially sponsored by Peach Snapple. It really is the best stuff on earth and powers me up for recording the podcast. I'd like to give some shout outs to friends that have been awesome over the years before and during the podcast..

SHOUTOUTS: Dave Moriboy, Andy, JS-1, Topaz, Alberto, Sascha, Todd Kelley, Dave Law, Les Chames, Fern, Adam Ross, Ray Phunk, Tony Lopez, Matt, Mac Os Ken, Ben Williams, Documentally, Listeners like you.

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1. Hands Down - The Greeting Committee

2. Hiding - Breakestra

3. Ladies - Lee Fields & The Expressions

4. Want you in my soul ft. Stee Downes - Love Birds

5. Suede Jaw - 808INK

6. Lazuli - Beach House

7. Stay With Me - Debarge

8. Marinade - Dope Lemon

9. Tea Leaf Dancers - Flying Lotus

10. Sunset Lover - Petit Biscuit

11. War Hero - Antibalas

12. Just a bitter Love - The Dead Rose Music Company

13. Brazil - Declan McKenna

14. Foreign Language Feat. Jess - Flight Facilities

15. Sedona - Houndmouth

16. Turn the Tables feat. OC - DJ JS1 / JERMS

17. When it Rains feat. Aloe Blacc - Dag Savage

18. Black Hole Sun remix - Sound Garden

19. Anniversary - Tony Toni Tone

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Summer Greetings! Hope you are keeping cool! It is hot AF! I am trying to keep cool and listen to tunes and stay inside in the AC or outside by the pool... I haven't been able to get to the crowded socal beaches this summer. Not yet. Hopefully soon! Please enjoy this mix of hip hop, reggae, soul, breaks, blues and rock. I made it kinda funky this time around. A playlist by yours truly. Let me know if you are enjoying my playlists. Email Me! 1indienation at gmail dot com. Send me a track or a mix you want to submit to the show. This is episode 96, Let's get High. Sponsored by ICE COLD WATER and Morroccan Mint Green tea... :P ha. Not sponsored by anything else sticky icky. I do not promote anything other than music and apps. But not apps this time around. I am not even sure you guys like me talking about iPhone apps. lol.


1. Too Experienced - Barrington Levy

A moment of Silence for Chris Cornell RIP

3. Nobody Loves Them break - Brooklyn Slumlordz

4.Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean - Ruth Brown

5. Let's Get High - Rosco Gordon

6. Tell it Like it Is - Aaron Neville

7. Chains and Things - B. B. King

8. D'yer Mak'er - Led Zepplin

9. Instant Karma (We all shine on) - John Lennon

10. Tell Him- Patti Drew

11. Footsteps in the Dark - Isley Brothers

12. Funky Ride - Outkast


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Greetings!!!!!!! Happy summer! Happy 4th of fucking July! Baybay baby! This is episode 95, Fucking Bananas!!!! A playlist made my yours truly, Rachael Depp. Indie, Pop, Dance and hip hop. 

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1. Say that you want it - Abroad

2. Peaches- In the Valley Below

3. White Hot Magic - The Polyamorous Affair

4. Killing for love (beatfantactic remix) - Jose Gonzalez

5. Two Brothers - Hanni El Khatib

6. California Rain (feat. Nikki Segal) - Goldroom

7. Fall In Love - Phantogram

8. Unmissable feat. Zak Abel - Gorgon City

9. New York (Oliver Nelson Remix) - Urban Cone

10. Clap Your Hands - Whilk and Miksy

11. Pantera - Kartell

12. The Rapture - Exit Calm

13. Old Thing Back (remix) - The Notorious BIG Ft. Ja Rule

14. Lights on - XY&O

15. Unforgettable - Pnb Rock


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Greetings Bunnies! March is here! Spring is almost upon us! Thank god. My fave time of year. In LA this winter we had so much rain this season, it will be nice to have our bright, sunny days back! This episode of the 1ndienation podcast features a classic reggae mix from DJ EXCEL / Philly, LA. You can get more info and mixes on his website Follow him on Twitter @djexcel Follow him on instagram @excelagram I am not sure if he has snapchat! Ask him! ;) haha.

Topics: Travel Ban, Immigration. Miitomo App, Nintendo Switch, (rachdepp) Snapchat - Spectacles for sale.

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