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1 Indie Nation

Jul 4, 2009

Happy Indie Day! Chill, experimental, hip hop, soul, instrumental mix. Keyword of the episode is DONATE! Please feel free to donate anything you can to support the 1 Indie Nation podcast. I love you and please show me some love. If you can't afford a donation then an email, tweet, pic or anything really would be lovely too :) I would love to hear back from my listeners cos you guys rock for listening to my show!

1. Footsteps in the Dark - Isley Brothers
2. Hiding - Breakestra
3. Sorry Sorry (Old School Afro D) - Femi Kuti
4. Day after Day - Moon Cricket and Verbal Seed
5. The Broke Song - Strange Fruit Project
6. Jazzhole - Free the Robots
7. Coming Back - J Dilla
8. Honey Dip - AFTA - 1
9. Hammock High - Lo Edition
10. The Game is not Over - Feat. Phat Kat, JDilla, Dabrye - Edit
11. Buddy - De La Soul
12. Timeless - Guru & Herbie Hancock
13. Fly Away ( feat Erykah Badu & Georgia Ann Muldrow) - Sa-Ra
14. Everything 160 - Jude Gold
15. Girlfriend Boyfriend - Prefuse 73
16. Fountain of Youth (prod. Muneshine) - Supastition
17. MS-14 - Mono/Poly
18. Easin' In - Edwin Starr

Make donations to the email acct rachdepp @ Thank you smelly much. And no drunk driving.. you are not a superhero.. Just stop it :P