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1 Indie Nation

Mar 1, 2013

Greetings! Thank you for tuning into the 1indienation podcast with host, Rachael Depp. Episode 71 is all about some good indie, pop and electro. I hope you enjoy this playlist I put together for you! I love my listeners and hope you like it. Would love to hear from you! Send me your fave playlist on spotify or let me know of your fave new artist. Also if you are a member of a band or artist send me your track to consider for the show! I would love to listen to it. I appreciate your time and following. Be on the look out for my vocals on the track, Poisonous with Dirty Turk, remixed by Josh Judd.

Social Studies - Plastic Plates Remix - Body Language
Hangin' in the Sun - Timid Tiger
Your Girl - Kakkmaddafakka
Stars - Beat! Beat! Beat!
Summer - I Heart Sharks
Fight the Start - Kilians
So Into You - Wilhemlm Tell Me
Gasoline - Alpine
Your Drums, Your Love - Alguna George
Orange - Young Wonder
Bette Davis Eyes - Sexton Blake
Underwear - FM Belfast
Space and The Woods - Late of The Pier
Pigeons - The Hundred in the Hands
Baiya - Delphic
Don't Go - Justin Martin
Innocence Lost - Rove Dogs
Alles auf die 303 - Turntablerocker
How Deep is Your Love - ATrack remix - The Rapture
If I Can't Hold You - Desire
Digital Versicolor - Glass Candy
The Haste - Casa del Mirto
Girls go to Bed Early - Inofaith

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