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Feb 11, 2012

Happy February! I have a ridiculosly cosmic lush mix for you by the Big LA aka Todd Kelley (Oakland). It's a mix of instrumentals and experimental hip hop beats. So so so dope. I was quite impressed and forgot how dope Mr. LA throws down! Do not sleep on this. He is a photographer, graphic designer, music producer, DJ and blogger. He is a regular DJ on Peep that out if you are into this style for sure. Big LA was kind enough to make the flyer for this episode. Thank goodness. Appreciated :) Follow him on Twitter. @toddkelley


01. Ayane — Fitz Ambro$e
02. One Maur (Dilla Tribute) — vLooper
03. My Love — Apollo Brown
04. Space Shuttle Re-Entry.. (STS-107) — D'Vo
05. LSP (feat. Austin Peralta) — Teebs
06. The Chi — Abjo
07. Adult Swim / Pitch Bend+Effects=FUN — Abnormal
08. Flowerhead — Monte la Rue
09. Mango Candy — Late Bloomers
10. Memories — Big La vs. Todd
11. Cloud 9 (Focus) / Man's Mystery (Acceptance) — Shade Cobain--
12. Runaway — Ahnnu
13. Astral — AGQ
14. The Gaze / Candy Box — AFTA-1
15. Always — Goyang
16. Music — Jinesis + Jamica
17. ntro — Joe Beats
18. The Question — Apollo Brown
19. Fo ma dukes — Beat-Maker-Beat
20. Outtakes 9 to 10 — Samon Kawamura

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Shout outs! Richard Lawler, Todd Kelley, Dave Mora, JS-1