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1 Indie Nation

Oct 7, 2011

Greetings Sexy bots & cyborg felines! Happy October! ZOMG! You know what that means?!!! Pumpkin pie, baby! Oh yeah. Yes I am exicited! Weee!!!! I love me some yummy pie! What are you going to dress up as for Halloween? Tell me! Send me a pic... I wanna know! Sorry for the feedback and random other noises ie; paper shuffling, fridge, mic moving! I am aware. And it's going to be all right everybody! :) ADD MY FAN PAGE ON FB

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A Little Bit Softer Now
A Guest Mix by DJ Freaky Fizzle for the 1 Indie Nation Podcast

1. Miguel Migs feat. Peven Everett - Love We Had (Miguel Migs Salted Dub Deluxe)
2. D'Moov feat. Nicole Henry - For The Love Of You (Doruk Ozlen Main Vocal Mix)
3. Jephte Guillaume pres. AK - Shining You Way (Muthafunkin Remix)
4. Inaya Day & Ralf Gum - Lose My Worries (MuthaFunkaz Remix)
5. TnT Inc. vs. Alex Dimitri - Jingo (Miguel Migs Salted Remix)
6. Mark Grant - Destination (I Can Take You There...) (Vocal)
7. Jask pres. The Thaisoul Orchestra - Jack's Theme
8. Erykah Badu - Back In The Day (James Blackstar John Bootleg Mix)
9. Fabio Bacchini - Time Out
10. Earth Wind & Fire - Can't Hide Love (Scott Wozniak Shelter Mix)
11. Christian Alvarez - Dance With Me (Tribute To MJ) (Deemah Remix)

Freaky Fizzle's signature sound can be best described as "groovin' soul". Rooted in House, his sets meticulously interweave tracks together in an effort to raise the energy of the dance floor and lift the spirits of the crowd. Always eager to share great music with positive people, Freaky Fizzle isn't afraid to venture outside of the House umbrella and incorporate Disco anthems, classic Soul records, and traditional African & Latin rhythms into his mixes.