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1 Indie Nation

Nov 28, 2018

Greetings lover bunnies! Whew! Thanksgiving is over! Time to burn off those carbs! Let's dance or werk that body to a deep house music mix by DJ Zack Hill (Vinyl Tribe) LA. This is episode 105, The House Bunny Series.

Los Angeles based DJ/Producer/Vibe Creator; Zack Hill has earned his reputation for being able to read a crowd and adapt without compromising his own style, keeping him in high demand. With over 20 years experience, Zack truly loves music and it shows when he’s behind the decks.

As the co-founder of VinylTribe, Zack is responsible for producing the highly successful $FiveDollahFunk$ branded events (40+ events over a 10+ year span) and his TribeRadio podcast which has been aired via various platforms for over 15 years, currently airing on the D3EP Radio Network. Zack has also recently launched his latest endeavor Deeper Vibrations, which focuses on Afro house rhythms.

Apps: iPlayer Radio, GOAT, Stadium Goods, TuneIn Radio, Do Not Pay
Have a happy holidays! Love from Los Angeles, California xo
Rachael Depp