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1 Indie Nation

Jun 5, 2012


Welcome to June :)

Here is a deep soulful Chicago house mix...

Mix one part sultry deep vocals with a pinch of jazz influenced electronica, throw them into a pot and you get the distinct original sound that is audiojazz.

Bai-ee, Dirty Turk and K Koltz collaborated to create this eclectic blend inspired by the dance music scenes of New York and Chicago. Appearing on numerous labels such as Defected, Large and Nervous records, the trio joined forces in Chicago to become audiojazz.

Each bringing their own flavor to the production process resulted in a diverse selection of future house sounds. Deeply rooted in the essence of house music with a contemporary twist.

*No tracklist* -- This is the correct website link for AudioJazz. In the show I forgot to mention music at the end of the url. Sorry! But it is