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1 Indie Nation

Jul 2, 2010

For those of you who wondered why I hadn't put out another show.. I think you can find some answers in here.
When I moved to my new place I ordered AT&T DSL. That was seriously the worst move I could have made in my internet loving life. I had issues daily. Couldn't surf the web for more than 10 mins without it going down. There were days on end that it was down and I was constantly calling them and being transferred or put on hold. I loved when I would call they would say, Sorry the internet offices are closed. Call back tomorrow at 8am and not on a weekend. I seriously took today off from school so that I could cancel it. I knew it would take awhile and it did. Who the hell has the time to sit there on the phone with them after 6-8 transfers? "I'm sorry mam let me transfer you, I can't help you with that." It is not ok. Horrible customer service. The employees have gotten irate with me and treated me like I was stupid. I am just trying to cancel the got dam overpriced dog shit you call internet service. Yes, I have been very frustrated these last two months with minimum internet and being busy with school. Anyways enjoy the audio from my cancellation.
It was on speaker phone recorded from my iphone hence the low volume.
Time Warner cable internet has been lovely.
The next music episode will be available soon.
Love you guys. Please download my iphone app for the 1indienation show and donate if you can.