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Dec 23, 2009

Ho! HO! Ho! Merry Christmas! I hope you are having a lovely holiday season with your loved ones and family. It is not about the gifts this year for me, mainly becos I am dead broke, but I do cherish the time I have with my family and friends. Don't worry I didn't forget about you! Please enjoy this hip hop/soul Christmas mix from DJ JS-1 and Tracks from the Low Budget Crew! Definitely will be a bootsy ass Christmas for me. :D I am just happy to be alive and to enjoy music to its fullest extasy! Yes it brings me there! :D *kisses* blessings!Kiss


Christmas mix by DJ JS-1 from the Rocksteady Crew NYC

Kev Brown - Snowfall (Happy holidays) The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Low Budget Crew
RoddyRod - Donny's Carol (Donny Hathaway This Christmas) - Low Budget Crew

Otis Redding - Merry Christmas, Baby


*** The 1indienation iPhone App giveaway contest ***

Times are tough, and you don't have money to spend on a music app but you have dope video skills? Win the app free ;)

What you need to do:
Submit a 1indienation fan video to 1indienation at gmail dot com.
send the link to the video or ask me about services to send the whole file ie: dropbox, yousendit, mediafire.

In the video please be creative, add covers of your favorite episodes, text, lyrics etc.
Upload your video on any video platform you favor; Youtube, Vimeo,
Make sure you tag the video with 1indienation app, music, podcast and the website.
The video can be anywhere from 12 seconds - 2 mins long.
By making this video you agree to let the 1indienation podcast use the video freely as promotion on the web. I might put it on a future cast if it is super kewlz! :)
I love hearing your feedback, so this is a chance for me to connect with you! I want to know why you enjoy the podcast and why I should continue making them ;)
I do this all for you, so show me a lil love!

I will pick the best three I receive for the free app. I might even do a voting system with other people involved to pick which ones are best. Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

Contest deadline is December 31, 2009. (I may extend it)

The 1indienation podcast app is available now to purchase in the itunes store!
Please rate and leave a comment! kisses xx