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1 Indie Nation

Oct 18, 2008

Bleep Dot Jack Are two house mixes From Los Angeles Area Djs. Gelly Kusuma and Mikey Velazquez are Easily Influenced and they start off the set with an hour long mix.

TRACKLIST: 1. Easily Influenced ROCKIT! Original HAWT Music 2. Easily Influenced I LIKE THAT Guesthouse 3. Inland Knights SOUNDSYSTEM Funkfield (Easily Influenced Remix) 4. Easily Influenced STRAIGHT FROM THE Guesthouse 5. Easily Influenced DAMN B! Robsoul 6. Chris Quadrant DREAMIN ABOUT (Easily Influenced Rmx) Union 7. Easily Influenced WATCH OUT! What What 8. Easily Influenced HEATED LIKE Unsigned 9. Thomas White WHY CAN'T WE Guesthouse 10. Easily Influenced 3.A.M. What What 11. Rosy Cottontail PLAYMATE (Jesse Rose Rmx) 12. Easily Influenced ROCKIT! (DC's BHQ Reheat) HAWT Music 13. Prztz BONDE FUGAMANTE (John Larner Rmx) Muzique Boutique 14. The Bulgarian (Forgot the track!!!! Will add soon =)

Dj Theory wraps up the Episode with his Live at Soulscreen house mix from March 9, 2005. Check out his Myspace for More mixes to download!