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1 Indie Nation

Aug 22, 2008

California Summer Soul Thanks for tuning in! This Mix is from being hot hot hot on a summer night listening to soul, hip hop, and beats. What more else do you need? Besides maybe some liquor :P 1. California Soul ( Diplo/ Mad Decent Remix ) - Marlena Shaw 2. Beat 21 - DaBee + KAI 3. Hookslide - Asamov 4. Past Futures - Asamov 5. Diamonds - J Dilla 6. LA song ( Sensitive Mix ) - People under the stairs 7. Astounded - Bran Van 3000 8. U Better Know Who Dis is - J Dilla Shouts to : Pianokid100, fern, billz, kspidel, sheppard, ken ray, cuervo, C, theory, dorian, roy c, J Laine, daelen, chun for piano tutorials and guide