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1 Indie Nation

Jul 3, 2008

 Happy  fucking 4th of July!! I know everyone is gonna be getting completely plastered this weekend when taking part in all the 4th of July mayhem that ensues. I know I will! Please be safe and designate a driver. And be sure to slap someone's happy drunk ass with a hotdog .. and if they get mad.. say calmly .. WHOOPs my bad i didn't know i couldn't do that.. and walk away causually. :]

1. Electric Bloom (blaze trip remix)- Foals
2. Oh (A-trak Remix)- Boys Noize
3. Bleep Original Mix - Sandy Vee
4. Spit it out (Alexander Kowalski Remix)- IAMX
5. Homecoming (Gentlemen Driver's Rave mix)- The Teenagers
6. Bathroom Gurgle - Late of the Pier
7. Paris - Friendly Fires
8. Trash - The Whip
9. Finders freakers (Joe hay remix)- Isa & the Filthy     

Shouts- God, Chris Harris, Ken Ray, Joe Hay.