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1 Indie Nation

Aug 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! 1 Indie Nation is 2 years old this month! I have been busy celebrating! :) This episode was recorded at Natasha Wescoat's Apt (@natasha), hence the echos and I used a very cheap low quality mic. Sorry about that! I am in need of a portable, quality mic. It is on the long list of things I need to buy for the show. I hope you enjoy our silliness and babble. Joe Moriarty (UK) provided the Deep House mix. Enjoy! Let's pop champagne bottles! Thank you for listening to the show. It means the world to me and brings me joy to know that other people love music and happiness. Feel free to send me an email, shout, pic but just don't send me roses - I dislike roses.