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Apr 28, 2016

Spring greetings love bunnies! Here is a Prince Tribute mix from the Big La, (Oakland). I am so devastated and heartbroken from the news of Prince's passing like I am sure many of you are as well. This is the very least I could do is play a tribute mix from one of my favorite djs! Thanks so much Big LA! facebook


1. When Doves Cry 2. Adore 3. Take Me With U 4. Little Red Corvette 5. Head 6. Let’s Work 7. D,M.S.R. 8. Pop Life 9. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 10. I Would Die 4 U 11. Controversy 12. Diamonds and Pearls 13. Housequake 14. North 15. 1999 16. Here On Earth 17. International Lover 18. Do Me, Baby 19. Erotic City 20. Delirious 21. Let's Go Crazy


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