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1 Indie Nation

Oct 13, 2019

Greetings Lover Bunnies! Happy Fall! Finally! YAY! Time for cozy sweaters and slippers! haha. Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween. I would love to see your costume. This mix is called Pumpkins and Cream. Episode 112. Anyone get the reference? ;) It is a mix of indie rock songs I have been feeling for like a year or so. Sorry I took forever to make this mix. But now you have it. Better late than never is the motto I guess I go for on my podcast. haha. Procrastinator over here. Thank you for being supportive and listening to my show. I appreciate all of you. Even if someone of you hate me. I love you even more! jk I hate you too. :P Anyways here's the tracklist.


1. Blossoms - Honey Sweet

2. Monks - Sundried

3. Rejje Snow 23 Featuring Caroline Smith

4. Ten Tonnes - Lucy

5. The Hunna - Babe, Can I Call?

6. The Night Cafe - Endless Lovers

7. Kasabian - You're in Love with a Psycho

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Love you xoxo,

Rachael Depp